Last month we covered reports exposing Digsby's shady moneymaking scheme, and they've taken that criticism to heart. For the unfamiliar, Digsby was profiting from users' idle CPU cycles -- but buried that information in the terms of service, and you had to rummage through the settings to disable it.

The instant messenger now asks for permission to do so during installation, which is great -- kind of. While it is more transparent, the distributed computing option is enabled by default. Granted, in a perfect world, users would take two minutes to skim the conditions of a software installation -- but let's face it, a lot of people just click "Next" until the window disappears.

Digsby has also included a "Research Module" tab in the preferences, which offers a clear explanation of its intent, and even allows users to configure its behavior. Do you feel that Digsby has set things straight with these adjustments?