Earlier this month Neowin reported on some potential Windows 7 adverts that were meant to show off a few of the highlights of the new platform. Last night, Microsoft began airing these adverts.

Contrary to the first ever commercial, which originally appeared about a couple of weeks ago on U.S. TV stations, this new round of Windows 7 commercials focuses on features. The first of the bunch, named "Personalization: Your PC, Your Style" demonstrates the customization features in Microsoft's latest operating system.

Next up is an advert focusing on a less used feature of the new Windows 7, Aero Shake. The video shows American footballers being shaken to remove or bring back the clutter around them. A third advert shows off the features of Xbox Media Center and the Xbox 360 extender, while the last (and cheesiest) one is called "Windows 7: Your PC, Your Life" and has several teens who appear to be part of a band singing about making their movie whilst a teenage girl watches the video on her laptop. Hmm.

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