Leading up to the Palm Pre's launch, news broke that the iPhone competitor was able to dupe iTunes into thinking it was an Apple device. To accomplish this, Palm used a vendor ID that had been issued to Apple by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF). In effect, the Pre was able to sync things like DRM-free music and photos. As most expected, Apple's reaction was less than friendly.

In July, Apple pushed out an iTunes update (v8.2.1) that effectively crippled the Pre's compatibility. A week later, Palm issued a software update that restored the ability to sync. Apple locked the Pre out again with the release of iTunes 9 earlier this month. Palm responded by complaining to the USB-IF, who has now sided with Apple.

In its complaint to the USB-IF, Palm said noted the latest update of webOS would once again repair iTunes compatibility. Backing Apple, the USB-IF warned Palm that any further attempts to use Cupertino's vender ID would be a violation of its rules. The organization informed Palm that it may only use its own issued vendor IDs, and has requested that handset-maker clarify its intentions within seven days.