Asus is preparing to launch a new multi-touch capable device coinciding loosely with the pending release of Windows 7. The Eee PC T91MT is similar in form and function to the previously released T91, with this model getting a few notable improvements. The most important of these improvements is the upgraded touchscreen, which will be multi-touch capable, a boon to potential Windows 7 users. It'll also be getting a storage upgrade, with a 32GB SSD coming stock on the device.

Asus has also decided to push back the larger Eee PC T10 touchscreen notebook. Originally intended to have released at numerous points earlier in the year, Asus has apparently been met with more setbacks. As it stands, the launch window for the 10 inch model remains up in the air, though it's tentatively set for December. Getting it before the end of the year would be good, but if they release it too late in December they will miss the "holiday season" window and likely a good portion of sales.

Asus has been busy on the Eee front, expanding the hardware lineup to include many types of devices including a nettop earlier this month. I hope they keep the innovative streak going; they pioneered the "netbook" (even if such a development was inevitable) and likely have a lot of other good ideas waiting to be turned into hardware.