Microsoft today sent an email to participants of the invitation-only Windows 7 and Server 2008 Technical Beta Program, informing them that their free commemorative boxed copy of Windows 7 Ultimate will be delivered in the next four to six weeks. Redmond said that most shipments should arrive via FedEx, and that no tracking number will be provided. The email also noted that people outside the US may have to pay duties or other local taxes upon receipt.

In July, Microsoft decided to hand out free copies of Windows 7 Ultimate to appease the many beta testers who felt their help and feedback was unappreciated. Only invitees of the early closed beta program were eligible – meaning that users who downloaded the public beta have to pony up like the rest of us. Microsoft gave that handful of testers the choice between downloading a copy of Windows 7 and getting it sooner, or having a physical boxed copy shipped and receiving it later.

If you're one of the lucky few, feel free to gloat in the comments.