AMD may not be leading the desktop CPU market, but Top500 has accredited the company with powering the world's "supreme supercomputer." Oak Ridge National Laboratory's supercomputer, dubbed "Jaguar," has been upgraded with new six-core AMD Opteron processors and now holds the top spot among the top five supercomputers worldwide.

The Jaguar system was previously outfitted with quad-core AMD Opteron processors -- and many others like it use AMD's chips. Four of the top five supercomputers are powered by AMD CPUs, including the former top dog, IBM's Roadrunner, which now sits at number two. In all, Jaguar contains 224,162 compute cores (up from 129,600), 300TB of memory, and 10PB of hard drive space.

The system boasts a theoretical peak performance of 2.3 PFLOPS, and a speed of 1.759 PFLOPS on the Linpack benchmark -- which topped the Roadrunner's 1.04 PFLOPS. Head over to Top500's website to see how Jaguar stacks up to many other supercomputers.