The expected took place this week after ATI launched their latest dual-GPU graphics card. In our review we praised the card for its performance and relative efficiency, however we were quick to conclude that its immediate success would primarily depend on availability. Other cards in the Radeon 5000 series have been equally well received, however shortage issues have kept them out of enthusiasts' hands for the most part.

An initial report from Fudzilla indicates that a 'decent' amount of Radeon HD 5970 card inventory was pushed to retailers this week, but due to pre-orders and general high interest in the product, the available cards disappeared in a matter of hours.

There are scattered reports about retailers carrying some inventory, but those are quick to go. In other words, if you want to have a Radeon HD 5970 in your hands soon you will have to hunt for it. Taking a quick look at Newegg's stock, you can see 5 different flavors of the HD 5970, all of them unavailable for ordering – despite price tags north of $600.