There just seem to be no stopping OCZ Technology when it comes to solid-state drive development. The company recently expanded their already impressive lineup with the 3.5-inch Colossus series, and touted a new and improved generation of drives based on controllers from startup SandForce. Now they are looking to introduce the first external SSD to hook up via the super speedy USB 3.0 interconnect.

No details regarding performance or storage capacity are available for the device yet, but the renders above show a micro-USB connector, as well as 8 NAND memory modules. Additionally we know that the SandForce controllers on upcoming drives from OCZ support up to 260MB/s sequential read and write speeds. The company is said to be crowdsourcing a name for the device before its launch, which is expected to take place at CES 2010 in Las Vegas in early January. Feel free to leave your suggestion in the comments.