As it's become self-evident, this year we have not published an in-house holiday gift guide. The reason is that rather than giving you a PC-centric gift guide, we've built a coalition of nine tech websites delivering technology gift picks in each one of our specialties.

TechSpot contributed with many top PC recommendations, but there's plenty more to see at HDTV and home theater equipment, smartphones, gaming, cameras and personal tech. All in all, there's nearly a 100 products to check out. Here's a quick run-down of three of our recommendations, we'll be revisiting others later this week:

ATI Radeon HD 5750
Who's it for: PC gamers on a budget, media buffs, and anyone that you've ever heard utter "frames per second.”

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch
Who's it for: Students and business users who have a knack for style and want a full-featured laptop that's easy to carry around.

Intel Core i5 750
Who's it for: PC hardware aficionados, and anyone who has recently mentioned building or upgrading a computer.