Hi all. Sorry about the lack of news recently, but I've been having a small holiday. Don't worry I will be back in force soon!

Anywayz, I found this interesting read over at Slashdot.org, which lead me to this article.

"Frustrated by the tight security and lack of interoperability of Microsoft Reader eBooks, a programmer named Dan Jackson obtained the source code for a command-line program called Convert Lit and made it available to the public."

Interestingly enough, Convert Lit has a very rude abbreviation in use. No prizes for guessing what it is, but if you are really in the dark read the article. Anyway, this tool lets you convert ebooks to text, html and some other formats. "Other Internet hackers have already captured this code and provided a Windows 9x front-end that illiminates the need to know and understand command-line functions. This addition is called [something rude] and contains nude buttons and offensive language."