Between Black Friday deals, the recent price cuts, and the usual surge in holiday shopping, game console makers witnessed record sales last week. Sony reportedly moved over 440,000 PlayStation 3s for the week ending Sunday -- a single-week record. This compares to 320,600 PS3s shipped during the entire month of October. Sony witnessed similar trends with other consoles, like the PSP, but no exact figures have been disclosed.

Nintendo's Wii proved it is still a hot commodity, selling some 550,000 machines in the US from November 22 to 28. Despite moving over half a million units, the Wii performed worse than last year's 800,000, but in all, Nintendo sold over 1.5 million of its various game systems last week, topping its own sales record. That breaks down to more than 150 systems every minute -- or 2.5 every second.

Microsoft has not released any hard numbers on Xbox 360 sales, though product management director Aaron Greenberg revealed that it was the console's biggest sales week of the year. Greenberg said the Xbox 360 sold over two times more than the previous week. Judging by NPD's October figures, that is somewhere around 65,000 to 70,000 units -- or over 130,000 last week.

NPD will release November's sales figures in the coming weeks, which should paint a more detailed picture.