According to a CVG tipster, Logitech is developing a UMD drive add-on for Sony's PSP Go. The accessory would attach to the PSP Go allowing users to play UMD games on the device. This would add a bit of bulk to the otherwise sleek handheld, but it could be worthwhile if you have a large UMD collection -- and it certainly beats juggling two PSPs.

Seeking confirmation, CVG contacted Logitech's UK office who denied knowledge of the add-on. "We're not aware of it, so it may be something the US office is working on." CVG has also contacted the US division as well as Sony. Neither have responded, but the site will surely post an update if they hear back.

The PSP Go debuted in October and relies on internal memory along with Sony's digitally distributed content rather than physical media. While there were talks of a "good-will" program to swap UMD games -- which previous PSP models used -- for digital copies, Sony scrapped the plan because of "legal" and "technical" reasons.