I have finished the BIOS's for the ATi 9500non-pro and 9700non-pro that allow them to be overclocked. Although they are not nearly as popular as the 9500Pro BIOS, I still felt that they deserved to be released.

Unfortunately, I was NOT able to complete an "unlocked" BIOS for the Radeon 9000non-pro. The structure of that BIOS is extremely difficult and confusing. ATi used a completely different methodology to prevent overclocking on these cards.

I was hoping to be able to complete them all, but I guess that I will have to settle for 3 out of 4. If you are interested in any of these BIOS's, they can be downloaded here. The traffic on my website has slowed to about 1,000 hits per day, so you should have no problem with the download.

Thanks Kip "warp11" Hardina for modding the BIOS and [H]ard|OCP for letting me know.