Intel has confirmed it will launch its first 32nm processors for desktops and laptops on January 7 at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. A total of 17 processors will be revealed in a variety of speeds, including new Core i3 and Core i5 parts that will join their older and more powerful Core i7 siblings.

The company released a couple of teaser images showing an Arrandale mobile and Clarkdale desktop processor. Both are based on the same Westmere design, which includes one 32nm die with two Nehalem microprocessor cores, and another 45nm die with the memory controller and integrated graphics processor -- all in the same package. The new Core i3 and Core i5 chips will be able to handle as many as four threads at once via Hyperthreading, but only the latter will have Turbo Boost to dynamically adjust clock speeds as required.

Intel didn't get into specific performance and pricing details. However, we already have some idea of what to expect thanks in no small part to early retail listings, roadmap leaks, even a few unofficial benchmarks.

In addition to the new processor families, the company will unveil three new chipsets as well as seven chips providing Wi-Fi and WiMAX support. Systems based on the new parts will reach stores "early" next year -- a few of them probably right after CES.