Corsair's range of Performance-series solid state drives -- the P64, P128 and P256 -- just received an upgrade today meant to improve performance by taking advantage of Windows 7's TRIM functionality. A new Samsung-developed firmware (revision VBM19C1Q) and update tool were made available by Corsair, which in a subtle stab at Intel and their recent SSD bricking issues, notes that the release has been rigorously qualified "using a large number of test platforms, in conjunction with a controlled end-user BETA test of the new firmware."

The added functionality enables the operating system to progressively clean previously deleted or invalid data blocks from the drive's memory cells, thus avoiding any performance degradation over time. All new P series drives leaving the factory will be shipped with this firmware pre-loaded, though users running older firmware can download the updater tool right now via this post on the Corsair Support Forums.

The firmware updater will erase the contents of your drive, so be sure to make a backup before running it.