Citing unnamed sources, HD Guru reports that DirecTV will introduce the first US 3D HDTV channel early next year, and an official announcement is expected from the company at CES next month. Last night the TV provider launched a new satellite into orbit, which will provide the bandwidth to add a high-def 3D channel.

Exact details of the channel aren't available, but HD Guru suspects it will host an assortment of movies, sports and other programs, and will comply with current 3D TV standards. DirecTV's current HDTV boxes will reportedly receive a firmware update, so existing customers should be able to use the channel when it debuts -- if you have a 3D-ready television, of course.

2010 is truly is shaping up to be the year of 3D, with dozens of electronics manufacturers racing to the market with extra-dimensional gadgets. Is it just me, or does this shift feel forced? Will you be shopping for a 3D-capable TV any time soon?