Marvell has officially revealed the Plug Computer 3.0, an ultra-small, always-on, always-connected system capable of handling basic computing tasks. Powered by the 2GHz Marvell Armada 300 processor, the Plug Computer 3.0 features embedded Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a storage drive, and is compatible with multiple Linux 2.6 kernel distributions.

Targeted markets and uses include home automation, medical monitoring, multimedia content sharing, security and access control, industrial automation, agricultural, as well as mesh and grid computing. For instance, the system could be used for remote management of lights, thermostat and irrigation systems, or simply to stream music and videos.

As indicated by its name, the Plug Computer 3.0 is designed to plug directly into a standard wall socket, and reportedly consumes one tenth of the power of a typical home server. Neither a price or ship date have been provided, but it's worth noting that the original SheevaPlug sold for $99.