With Clarkdale chips in circulation, H55-based motherboards are gushing through the floodgates. Among the manufacturers with new products is ASRock, who released four new motherboards today: H55M, H55M Pro, H55DE3 and H55 Pro. If those names ring a bell, it's probably because images of the first three models surfaced just over a month ago, and two were tested in our recent Core i5 661 review.

All of the boards feature support for DDR3 2600+ RAM and have two PCIe 2.0 x16 slots, D-Sub, DVI-D and HDMI outputs, 7.1 channel HD audio, one or more eSATA II/USB connectors, mounting holes for LGA775 CPU heatsinks, and are EuP-ready. The H55 Pro has additional overclocking features like onboard power, reset and clear CMOS buttons, and a digital POST reader.

The mATX boards are already available via Newegg for $99.99 (H55M) and $109.99 (H55M Pro) but I haven't spotted the H55DE3 or H55 Pro.