MSI demoed a few "industry-first" PCs at CES this week, which are a bit more interesting than the barrage of Arrandale-based notebook updates. Unfortunately, being concept units and all, there isn't a ton of information about them. Two of the systems resemble standard all-in-one PCs – one simply boasts 3D-capable hardware, while the other is more of a mouthful.

Supposedly inspired by the elegance of a jellyfish expanding and contracting as it moves through the ocean, MSI's "Sliding Screen" all-in-one computer allows the user to slide the screen up and store the keyboard behind it when not in use. What's more, the wireless mouse can be used as a remote control as well as an IP-phone.

The final computer is the company's "Projector PC", which is a full-featured PC that includes a built-in HD projector rather than a monitor. The system can project up to 60 inches of full HD video onto a screen, wall, or ceiling with the help of an attachable stand.

As noted, these are advertised as concept PCs, so there's no telling when – or if --they'll hit the market.