Along with OCZ's upcoming Vertex 2, SAS and PCIe SSDs, the company has also unveiled a 2.5-inch USB 3.0 external SSD, a couple of power supplies. The portable SuperSpeed USB SSD features MLC flash memory in capacities of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB, is encased in aluminum, measures 56 x 120 x 10 millimeters, and weighs 87.7 grams.

The company's new PSUs include the 750W Fatal1ty, which features an 85% power efficiency, four +12V rails with a combined power of 650W, a 120mm fan, and is backed by a five-year warranty. The company also introduced its Mk II line, with units ranging from 500W to 950W. The latter boasts 88% power efficiency, over 83A on the +12V rail, and a 135mm double ball-bearing fans.

Some new DDR3 memory from the company has also seen at CES, among which is 2300MHz Reaper RAM.