Google Nexus One carries $174.15 materials cost, iSuppli teardown reveals With its new Nexus One, Google Inc. has taken many of the latest smart-phone innovations and combined them in a single product that manages to be both cutting edge and cost competitive, according to a teardown conducted by iSuppli Corp. iSuppli

Google Voice is coming to the iPhone "one way or the other" Google's vice president of engineering Vic Gundotra said the Google Voice application, which is still in limbo after Apple declined to give it the greenlight for the app store, will come to the iPhone "one way or the other." VentureBeat

A deluge of devices for reading and surfing You've heard of's Kindle. And you probably know that Apple is likely to introduce a tablet computer this year. Soon you may also be hearing about the Alex, the Que proReader and the IdeaPad U1 Hybrid. The New York Times

HP working on 'Half-Pint' android tablet Hewlett Packard is working on numerous tablet devices that will come in a variety of sizes, shapes and operating systems, including Windows 7, Google's Android, and possibly the open-source operating system Linux. The New York Times

Netflix CEO Hastings sees 20 more years of mailing DVDs; "Excellent" chance of Nintendo Wii deal Someday, Netflix will offer more than 100,000 movies on its streaming service. Not yet, of course. They currently offer 17,000-plus pieces of streaming content and counting. Meanwhile, the company continues to ship an increasing number of DVDs to their customer base in the mail. Tech Trader Daily