Continuing with its top to bottom Radeon HD 5000 series rollout, AMD has moved on to attack the mainstream value segment of the graphics market with a new sub-$100 card capable of supporting Microsoft's latest DirectX 11 engine. Just like its higher end siblings, the ATI Radeon HD 5670 also supports Eyefinity to spread your display over multiple monitors, and ATI Stream which allows the GPU to carry out non-graphics related tasks.

Based on a 40nm GPU codenamed "Redwood," the card's specifications include 400 stream processors operating at a clock frequency of 775MHz, offering more than 600 TeraFLOPS of raw computing power, and either 512 ($99) or 1GB ($119) of GDDR5 memory for a total bandwidth of up to 64 GB/s on a 128-bit bus. In terms of energy consumption, the single-slot Radeon HD 5670 offers an impressively power low draw of just 14W at idle and 61W under load.

The new card is said to consistently outperform Nvidia's GeForce GT 240, which was already an irrelevant product anyway, but since Nvidia is pricing it at $99 that's what AMD is positioning its 5670 after. Overall you can expect most games to run smoothly at 1680x1050 with anti-aliasing and detail levels cranked up. Check out some reviews at PC Per, Legit Reviews and Anandtech.