In quite an interesting read (if you actually think its real, which its so mundane in places I guess it must be) have drawn our attention to a leaked memo from the dark corridors of Microsoft's interior, here. The actual document is available to read here.

Now, you can read into this what you want. On one hand, it reads simply like any other company discussing how it will compete in its industry, and how it can better itself against its competition. On another, it reads like a testimony of terror in the face of the growing popularity of OSS and Linux, and discussions ensue about how best to secure the co-operation of "insiders" in large corporations and governmental organisations who are considering Linux as an alternative to Windows for their servers and workstations. It can be read in lots of ways.

Anyway, why not read it, here, and make up your own mind. There are comments added throughout which are no doubt bias in nature, so the document makes for careful reading regardless of your stance on this situation.