Confirming its rumored special event on January 27, Apple has invited various media organizations to attend a 10AM gathering at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. The invitations read, "Come see our latest creation," and lack any real information – though, it probably alludes to the company's long-anticipated tablet device.

Of course, the show may focus on or at least feature other products, too. Given the timing, the company may reveal an updated line of Arrandale-based MacBooks, or even iPhone OS 4.0. The latter could take a little wind out of Microsoft's sails as it might unveil Windows Mobile 7 next month at the Mobile World Congress in Spain.

If the tablet is shown, it will be interesting to see whose speculation was accurate. That said, most seem to agree the device will carry a 10-inch multitouch display, and will run a modified version of the iPhone OS.