Earlier this month we first began hearing rumors about an upcoming Radeon HD 5830 graphics card intended to fill the price gap between the $150 Radeon HD 5770 and $300 HD 5850. Although there has been no official confirmation from AMD, and no new leaked information in the way of specs, another source has now joined in with more details regarding some complications and the planned launch date.

Citing anonymous sources at graphics card makers, DigiTimes reports that AMD initially aimed for a January 25 launch, but a "last minute issue" that cropped up during the validation process prompted a delay. The issue is related to circuits on the board, and is triggering an error on card makers' software testing platforms. Naturally, AMD had no comment on the reported issue, but they did stress that none of their cards already on the market was affected by any problems.

DigiTimes adds that Radeon HD 5830 products probably won't show up in stores until early February "at the earliest." This is pretty much in line with previous rumors pointing at a February 5 launch date. Cards are expected to sell for around $199 - $239, and could match the old Radeon HD 4890 in terms of performance.