Samsung has jumped aboard the 2TB bandwagon, unveiling its F3EG (EcoGreen) drive. The 3.5-inch "high-performance," "eco-friendly" drives pack 500GB per platter, and are available in 1.5TB and 2TB capacities, 16MB or 32MB of cache, second-gen SATA, support for Native Command Queuing, as well as SilentSeek and NoiseGuard technologies.

The company's press release doesn't mention a rotational speed, but similar products from Seagate (Barracuda LP) and Western Digital (Caviar Green) reduce spindle speeds from 7200RPM to 5900RPM and 5400RPM to conserve energy. This jibes with Samsung's claim that the F3EG is 40% more power efficient at idle and 10% during read/write than competing drives.

Samsung is a bit slow to announce the F3EG, as it seems to have been available on Newegg for a few weeks. In any event, the drive is e-tailing for $180, which is on par with the aforementioned units.