Socket T hasn't caught much press lately with all the buzz around Intel's LGA 1156 and 1366-based processors, but the elderly platform dates back to the late days of the Pentium 4. Despite its age, LGA 775 still claimed 77% of sales last year, and will seize about 50% this year according the Intel's projections – more than the company's two new desktop platforms combined.

LGA 1156, the socket used by Intel's Lynnfield and Clarksfield processors, will account for some 18% of Intel's shipments and its market share is expected to grow to 44% by the fourth quarter of 2010. Meanwhile, LGA 1366 debuted over a year ago with the first batch of Bloomfield chips, but reportedly stands as the company's least popular socket. The Atom's socket will represent roughly 5% of shipped units in the present quarter, but will climb to 7% by the end of the year.