The consumer smartphone market is booming largely due to the success of Apple's iPhone, but a name less uttered still holds a large slice of the pie: Research In Motion. Catering more to the business crowd, RIM has maintained strong sales, but is slipping behind in features -- especially when it comes to non-enterprise users.

Acknowledging this, the company has revealed an overhauled Web browser at Mobile World Congress today. The current BlackBerry browser has caught flack for being slow, having trouble with JavaScript-dense pages, and simply rendering pages unreadable. The company's revamped WebKit-based browser is said to remedy these issues.

RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis presented the browser during a keynote at MWC, showing its ability to chew through the JavaScript at Amazon's UK site. The new browser also handles AJAX more efficiently, supports HTML 5.0, CSS3, and even scores 100/100 on the Acid3 Web standards test. An exact release date is unclear, but the browser is expected to arrive later this year.