Active Media Products rolled out its small form factor Aviator-2 external drive enclosure earlier this week. The Aviator-2 is a rugged steel case that measures just over 3 x 5 inches, uses the latest-generation USB specification, and can accommodate 2.5-inch SATA II storage drives -- meaning both mechanical and solid-state devices. While the company sells the enclosure alone for $34.95, it can also be ordered with one of two solid-state drives: a 64GB or 128GB Predator X7.

The smaller drive offers maximum read and write speeds of 230MB/s and 160MB/s via USB 3.0, or 30MB/s reads over USB 2.0, and the larger drops to 120MB/s writes over USB 3.0. The 64GB and 128GB are listed at $259.95 and $449.95, respectively -- though all three packages can be found on Amazon for a few bucks cheaper. No matter what you buy, it'll ship with a USB 3.0 wire, a USB 2.0 power cable, a carry pouch, and a screwdriver.