There's much evidence to sugges that the days of Macro Virus and Script Viruses are comming to an end.

Happy? Well don't be, because what's developing instead is even worse... Behold the day of the Remote Access Trojan (RAT), and of course Spyware, which is becomming an increasing problem.

""Malware code writers will continue to disguise RATs and backdoor scripts as 'adult' movies and then post them to pornography new groups targeting inexperienced users," he writes. "Expect them to continue through 2003 but they will be mixed with more and more grey ware (i.e. spyware and advertising monitoring that is barely legal).""

One might instead see Spyware being secretly installed when you so much as inadvertantly open a pop-up window. Hey, ain't this happening already? Surely it does.... I've certainly had my virus scanner go bananas when I've so much as closed a pop-up window that hasn't even appeared completely yet.... I think what some people can do to your machine over the Net is criminal and will one day be illegal. However, a lot of Spyware is currently legal or at least exploits legal loopholes.

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