Network Associates, known for their anti-virus software, have aquired the anti-spam company Deersoft, and are in the business now of encorporating Deersoft's anti-spam technology into new products for e-mail servers, internet gateways and desktop machines.

On the cards sometime this year is "McAfee SpamKiller Enterprise", a desktop application for blocking spam. Hopefully this product shall ship in Q2 this year. Following on from that will be a number of enterprise level applications for servers to block spam on gateways and mail servers and so forth. Now I know what I want for my birthday :) ;)

"With Deersoft, we have acquired extensions to the leading open source 'blacklist' application and we will add applications that detect spammers even before they appear on blacklists, supplementing that with the ability for customers to filter internal content with very tight control," Art Matin, president of McAfee for Network Associates, said in a statement, notes ZDNET.COM, here.

Bring it on, that's what I say. Now if there was only an application for putting spammers to a slow, lingering death then I would be completely happy..... ;)

Also see here for some information.