The floodgates are officially open, folks. Companies around the globe have introduced a range USB 3.0 products, and more are on the way. The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) has certified 50 SuperSpeed USB products, including motherboards, notebooks, external storage devices, storage controllers, PCI Express and ExpressCard add-in cards, hard disk drives, and device-enabling silicon.

"The wave of consumer products passing SuperSpeed USB compliance and certification this quarter is extraordinary," said USB-IF chairman Jeff Ravencraft. We've covered a large number of the launches along the way, but of the 50 "certified" items, only 45 are listed on the outfit's site. That means that at least five certified USB 3.0-equipped electronics have yet to debut.

In case you're a bit late to the show, USB 3.0 brings quicker data rates, higher energy efficiency, and increased power delivery. To learn more, read our overview of the ever-ubiquitous interface.