Responding to reports around the Web, Dell has clarified the disappearance of its Adamo XPS notebook. In a statement to Tech Radar, company explained that its ultraportable is "similar to a limited edition" offering, and was never intended to be a long-term product. Dell added that the Adamo XPS is an "engineering marvel" meant to show off the company's capabilities.

While the system may be nearing the end of its run, the company noted that a $2,000 configuration is still available through Best Buy, and UK customers can buy an Adamo XPS through John Lewis. The original Adamo is also available on with a starting price of £1,099.

Some will surely read Dell's explanation as spin. After all, the Adamo XPS wasn't declared a special edition product at launch. Between its novel design and hefty price tag, it probably isn't flying off shelves either. Regardless, if you have any interest in the system, you might want to nab one before it's gone for good.