Google is reportedly joining a growing list of companies who are looking to bring Internet content to users' living rooms. According to the New York Times, the company has lined up some big partners – including Intel and Sony – to create an Android-based platform that will make browsing sites or using smartphone-like apps on TV sets as easy as changing the channel.

The new platform is being dubbed Google TV and would be available as a set-top box or as part of a Web-capable television. The company is expected to release a developer tool kit in a few months, hoping to encourage people to create apps for Google TV with the same enthusiasm they have been creating Android smartphone apps.

Until this day TVs remain one of the most relevant screens in people's lives. After years of failed attempts to bring web content to the living room, there are now several decent solutions for streaming online videos, rent premium content and browse the web from your couch. However, nobody's really figured out how to build something that's successful enough to be declared the preferred living room device. While Google no doubt sees this as a great opportunity to sell more ads, it remains to be seen what they can bring to the market that hasn't been done already.