Ending the Internet's trench warfare Imagine that for $33 a month you could buy Internet service twice as fast as what you get from Verizon or Comcast, bundled with digital high-definition television, unlimited long distance and international calling to 70 countries and wireless Internet connectivity for your laptop or smartphone throughout much of the country. The NY Times

Smoking guns, dark secrets aplenty in YouTube-Viacom filings Court documents in the $1 billion lawsuit between Viacom and YouTube were unsealed today, finally shedding some light on key questions: did Viacom have "smoking gun" evidence that YouTube was deliberately profiting from 62,637 Viacom clips that were watched more than 507 million times on the site? Ars Technica

Internet piracy taking big toll on jobs A study into Internet piracy by a Paris-based consultancy published on Wednesday showed that 1.2 million jobs in the European Union could be lost over the next five years if more is not done to clamp down on illegal downloading. Reuters

AMD working on another Phenom II X6 According to a roadmap snatched by the guys over at ati-forum.de, AMD is preparing yet another Thuban Phenom II X6 CPU that should come sometime in Q3. Fudzilla

Wrapsol Ultra Film protects phones when they're dragged behind a car at 35MPH The makers of Wrapsol Ultra adhesive film wanted to prove how well their product protects gadgets. So they took an innocent Nokia, wrapped it up like a sandwich, and dragged it behind a car at 35 miles per hour. Ouch. Gizmodo

Report: Memory card exposed 3,000 phones to virus Vodafone has discovered that malware found on several HTC Magic phones it distributed came from the memory cards, which were shipped in about 3,000 HTC and other phones, according to a published report. CNET