Valve has revealed more information about Left 4 Dead 2's first DLC, which seems to contain more content than the company originally let on. According to a post on the official L4D blog, The Passing will deliver the following features: A Wicked Witch Bride, A Gargantuan M60, A Slashing Golf Club, And Introducing The Fallen Survivor, Meet 3 Left 4 Dead 1 Survivors, and New Game Modes.

Before you ask, "modes" is indeed supposed to be plural. The Passing was originally due to launch in late March, but it seems that may not happen with only a week left in the month. Nonetheless, it should be here before the summer.

Along with sharing additional details about the upcoming DLC, Valve has also reduced the price on Left 4 Dead 2. Between today Thursday, you can grab the title for 50% off, or $24.99. That discount goes for the four pack too, which works out to only $18.75 per copy. If you don't have four friends interested in splitting the bundle, feel free to express your interest in the comments and perhaps someone will bite.