Toshiba has unveiled the world's highest capacity 9.5mm-tall hard drive, the 750GB MK7559GSXP. In addition to its extremely dense two-platter design, the 2.5-inch, 5400RPM drive is about 14% more power efficient than the 640GB model it's replacing, making it great choice for notebooks and other compact systems. The MK7559GSXP uses SATA II, has an average seek time of 12ms, and 8MB of cache.

The company has also announced a new three-platter, 12.5mm-high notebook hard drive series. The MKxx59GSM range has 750GB and 1TB models, and apart from the slight variation in form factor, they feature the same general specifications: 12ms seek time, 8MB buffer, 3Gb/s SATA, and 5400RPM spindle speed. All of the drives have an acoustics rating of 25dB, and are as quiet during operation as they are at idle.

We haven't heard a peep on pricing, but the MKxx59GSM line should launch sometime in the second quarter, while the MK7559GSXP is expected to arrive in the third.