If you've been looking for a quick and easy way to make the PlayStation 3 a portable machine, gaming accessory maker Hori has you covered. The company is preparing to launch the HP3-87, an add-on that wraps around your PS3 Slim and dons an 11.6-inch notebook-style display which features a 1366x768 display resolution, LED backlighting, a 200 nit brightness, 500:1 contrast, and 7ms response time.

The experience wouldn't be complete without sound, and the HP3-87 has built-in stereo speakers along with twin earphone jacks. Other connectivity is limited to a set of component and composite inputs, and it's compatible with Sony's Torne TV tuner and DVR for the PS3. Although the dock is supposed to free you from your big-screen HDTV, it does bulk up the Slim, which could make it annoying to lug around.

Hori's HP3-87 is set to appear in Japan on May 27 with a retail price of 26,040 yen (about $276). The company hasn't mentioned anything about availability in other locations.