According to a report by DigiTimes, Lenovo has postponed the debut of its Skylight smartbook from April to July of this year. Citing industry players, the site says Lenovo will use the time to "improve the device's working performance" to better compete with Apple's iPad. It's said that although the iPad has less features, it is smoother to control, and that will probably be the focus of Skylight's additional development time.

Delay or not, the Skylight will supposedly be the first smartbook available on US soil, and will be sold through AT&T. It's expected to cost around $500 outright, and subsidized units will also be paired with a data plan contract, but a discounted price isn't public just yet.

Features include a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 20GB of removable flash storage along with 2GB of cloud storage, Wi-Fi and 3G, a "full size" keyboard, a 10-hour battery life, and a Linux-based interface. It's worth noting that the IdeaPad U1 Hybrid is still reportedly on track for a June debut.