With an insatiable desire for big screens and high resolutions, it's only natural that multi-display setups are increasingly popular among tech buffs. From desk jockeys to gamers, having tons of screen real estate can be a godsend for productivity (I speak from experience) or simply make your FPS session that much more enjoyable.

Having been gifted the 27-inch LG M2762D-PM last week, I was officially initiated into the dual-display club – and I'm hooked. Now that the novelty of having a secondary monitor is wearing off, I can truly say from a utilitarian stance that having two screens is a blessing – and three would undoubtedly be handier.

In this edition of the Weekend Open Forum, we'd like to hear about your monitor setup and how it fits your needs. Are you still roughing it with a 15-inch CRT? Long upgraded to triple 30-inchers? No matter the case, feel free to share them in the comments. If you're interested, you can also upload a picture here.

*Image courtesy of TechSpot member Renegeek.