Korea, a nation where StarCraft is practically a religion, has rated the title's sequel AO (Adults Only). Due to StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty's level of violence, foul language, and depiction of drug use, South Korea's Games Rating Board (GRB) has deemed the game unfit for youngsters.

The AO classification applies to the latest release candidate and is essentially "18 and up." This is undoubtedly a surprise to Blizzard because the same panel previously rated the game "15 and up," and the developer reportedly hoped for a rating closer to the North American ESRB's Teen, or "13 and up" classification.

"Considering that the RC version of the game is closer to what will be sold on the shelves compared to the beta versions, we looked more carefully at the content," said the GRB. However, the board noted that the rating isn't final, and Blizzard has 30 days to object. The company can also choose to edit the parts in question, but that could delay the title's Korean release.