How Facebook is putting its users last It's almost become a joke: Facebook makes a change to its privacy settings that opts you in to a bunch of scary stuff, the entire Internet flips out about it, it rolls back the change, and then a few months or years later, it makes the same or a very similar update, opting you in to it again. It would be funny, if it weren't getting so damned insulting. CNET

Two prototype iPod touches with cameras show up on eBay Well looky what we have here. Someone has put up two semi-working iPod touches WITH cameras and a development version of the iPod OS on Ebay. They are marked with 'DVT-1' and 'DVT-2', 'Apple Development Team' and one is running some sort of 'switchboard' OS window. 9to5Mac

Content ID and fair use Over the past decade, the evolution of the Internet has altered the landscape for both traditional media companies and the doctrine of fair use, and the media industry has tried to keep up. The new ways that consumers create and distribute content are not a niche phenomenon. Google Public Policy Blog

Gizmodo caught in copyright crossfire In an attempt to protect their rights, the leading gadget blog Gizmodo has been sending out takedown notices to bloggers who use their articles in full while running ads. At the same time, however, Gizmodo itself continues to infringe on the rights of photographers by using their images commercially. A true copyright crossfire. TorrentFreak

Lenovo is last potential Palm buyer left standing The HTC/Palm marriage that was the stuff of so many geek dreams is now off the table, according to Reuters. The wire service cites sources who claim that HTC took a look at Palm's books and declined to make an offer. This leaves Lenovo as the most likely bidder for the failing Palm. Ars Technica

Arizona's largest power company wants control over customer thermostats Would you let your electric company take control of your air-conditioner if it saved you money? Arizona Public Service Co. will try to answer that question with a test project that will put customers' thermostats into the utility's hands. The Arizona Republic

New way to guide a car: with your eyes, not hands Tired of spinning that steering wheel? Try this: German researchers have developed a new technology that lets drivers steer cars using only their eyes. NPR