AMD has introduced five new additions to its next-generation ATI FirePro family, the ATI FirePro V7800, V5800, V4800, V3800, and the 2460. The latest products follow the launch of the FirePro V8800, and as with all FirePro cards, they are aimed at professionals.

Starting from the top, the ATI FirePro V7800 is based on the Radeon HD 5850, offers 2GB of GDDR5 memory, and can drive up to three independent 30-inch displays simultaneously. The V5800 has 1GB of VRAM and is in a sweet spot for price and performance, more than doubling its predecessor's muscle.

The 1GB V4800 delivers 1.25 times the performance of the previous generation, and is prime for "entry-level CAD users." Scaling down further, the V3800 drops to 512MB of DDR3 memory, and the low-profile FirePro 2460 supports quad-display setups while consuming only 13W of power on average.

In somewhat related news, AMD has also announced two new platforms for the embedded market: the compact ASB2 platform, and the high-performance AM3 platform. New features include faster memory with support for dual-channel DDR3, improved I/O, ECC, a Radeon HD 4200 graphics and much more.