Corsair has added two new capacities to its Nova Series SSD family that was introduced back in February. Originally available in 64 and 128GB flavors, the company is now pushing a 32GB unit designed to fill the growing boot drive segment, while the new 256GB model addresses the market that wants both high performance and capacity.

Both drives utilize the popular Indilinx Barefoot controller; the larger drive is rated at 250MB/s and 195Mb/s peak read and write speeds, respectively, while the 32GB drive can reach 195MBps read and 75MBps write speeds. As with the two previously announced Nova solid-state drives, these new additions support TRIM in Windows 7 and come with a two-year warranty. Availability is expected to be imminent, but prices for these new models haven't been announced.

The 64 and 128GB models are currently going for $189 and $365 each. Looking at this prices as well as similar offerings from rival manufacturers, we could expect the 32GB model to sell for around $100 and the 256GB upwards of $700.