Why AMD's notebook prospects are looking up If you're looking for notebook power on the cheap and you're not too keen on either using Intel's integrated graphics or paying for a higher-performing, NVIDIA-made workaround (i.e., Optimus), then there's an obvious alternative mobile platform for you: AMD/ATI. AMD is gaining steam in the mobile space... Ars Technica

HP Hurricane webOS tablet may be released in 3rd quarter We first speculated that since HP bought out Palm, they would come out wth a webOS tablet. According to many industry insiders, this appears to be more of a reality now. An insider at HP tells us that a webOS tablet under the code name HP Hurricane could be released the third quarter of this year. Examiner

White Pages may go way of rotary-dialed phone The digital age may claim another victim. The residential White Pages, those inches-thick tomes of fine-print telephone listings that may be most useful as doorstops, could stop landing with a thud on doorsteps across New York later this year. NY Times

Facebook's gone rogue; It's time for an open alternative Facebook has gone rogue, drunk on founder Mark Zuckerberg's dreams of world domination. It's time the rest of the web ecosystem recognizes this and works to replace it with something open and distributed. Wired

Report: Apple developing a Flash alternative The heated battle between Apple and Adobe Systems over Flash may get a bit more interesting, as reports of a Flash alternative being developed by Apple begin to surface. The technology, called Gianduia, was introduced by Apple last summer at its World of WebObjects Developer Conference, according to an AppleInsider report. Gianduia is described as being "a client-side, standards-based framework for rich Internet apps." CNET

Hacker brings Android to the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS up next Much like the open platform Windows invaded the traditionally closed hardware platform of Apple's Macs – first unofficially, and then later officially condoned – Android is now establishing a beach head on Apple's coveted iPhone. DailyTech