While most gamers and media buffs are still on the fence regarding 3D-mania, Ubisoft believes it will take off in only two years. The developer recently said in a conference call that it expected to see 3D gaming take off on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as well as portable consoles - though none of that is unforeseen.

Microsoft recently inked a deal with LG to promote 3D gaming on the Xbox 360, Sony is leveraging its in-house divisions to push extra-dimensional content, and Nintendo is hard at work on the 3DS - a 3D-capable DS successor that doesn't require glasses. All three companies should have something on display at E3, and Sony is already selling 3D TVs.

"We can count on substantial [growth] in the 3D market just because it's more immersive, so it will be a good way for the industry to give even more emotion to the gamers," said Ubisoft. As early as next year, 15 to 20% of games will be 3D-ready, and that will grow to half of all games by 2012, the company believes.