Mozilla's browser sync tool, Weave, is getting another update this week along with a re-brand meant to help less in-the-know Firefox users understand what the software does. Starting with version 1.3b5 and going forward, Weave will be known as Firefox Sync as Mozilla prepares to start publicizing this little known tool for daily usage. Basically what it does is keep your bookmarks, history, passwords, open tabs and other Firefox data in sync across computers.

Besides the name change, Firefox Sync 1.3b5 features a new user interface, better response times during syncing, new production server clusters built to handle larger loads, Fennec (Firefox Mobile) support, and a backup feature for your bookmarks before the first sync so you can 'undo' any modifications in the event of an accidental overwrite. The full list of changes can be found on the official release notes.

You can you can grab Firefox Sync 1.3b5 on this page by clicking on the Experimental version link next to the download button -- or just the stable version, Weave Sync 1.2, by clicking on the download button. The feature is currently available as an extension, but there are future plans to integrate Sync 2.0 into Firefox 4.0.