Grab your pitchforks Verizon customers, unlimited data may be a thing of the past when 4G rolls out, according to CEO Lowell McAdam. In a conversation with investors yesterday, McAdam said that he doesn't think that unlimited data plans will make sense when the company's 4G network launches - and by not making sense, we assume he means to Verizon's bottom line.

Most subscribers currently pay about $30 per month for unlimited data (many still have a 5GB cap), but the carrier may soon turn to tiered plans where people purchase a set amount of monthly megabytes. Naturally, customers under such a model would have to be careful to avoid overage penalties. Interestingly, this comes even though McAdams says the cost of carrying 1MB of data over LTE will be a half to a third cheaper than doing it over 3G.

Verizon isn't the only mobile operator looking to make the switch in pricing schemes, mind you. Both AT&T and Sprint have expressed similar interests.