Lenovo has reportedly delayed its Skylight smartbook and IdeaPad U1 Hybrid, which were originally due in April. This marks the second setback and the company hasn't revealed when either product will ship, but they're definitely still coming. Last month, the PC maker delayed its smartbook to improve its working performance, supposedly in the interest of competing against Apple's iPad.

In a recent comment to Laptop Mag, the company said that after "careful consideration of market conditions and user feedback," it has decided to focus on building a family mobile Internet devices based on Android. Because of that "strategic shift towards open standards," Lenovo has scrapped plans to launch the Skylight and U1 with a proprietary Linux OS.

The Skylight features a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, 20GB of removable flash storage along with 2GB of cloud storage, Wi-Fi and 3G, a "full size" keyboard, and a 10-hour battery life. Meanwhile, the 11.6-inch U1 Hybrid has a detachable Snapdragon-based slate that can run independent of its Intel-powered clamshell, which has a hardware keyboard and the usual notebook connectivity.