Sorry to keep talking about these guys, but to be honest they are never out of the computing world news recently, and anyway lots of the things that happen to them are funny.

Take just this Monday, where a "message posted to two security mailing lists... suggests that the Recording Industry Association of America has hired a group of hackers who have developed a worm capable of infecting and shutting down peer-to-peer file-sharing software. The hackers claim to have released the worm, on the RIAA's orders, and that it now controls almost 95 percent of "all P2P participating hosts."

Yeah, pull the other one. It plays DoomIII. ;)

""It's a complete hoax," said an RIAA spokesman in Washington. "Someone forwarded the message to us and that was the first we heard or read about it.""

Somehow I could see that one comming. Between this sort of thing, and the number of web site hacks that the RIAA is experiencing, there is quite obviously a great number of people out to get the P2P opposing organisation.

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